..... Pour un séjour, assez inoubliable en République Dominicaine dans un ranch-écolodge d’élevage de chevaux d’allure destiné aux activités de plein air, raids, excursions, expéditions insolites. Safari photos, promenades équestres avec des chevaux de Paso.

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That made now several years that “Rancho Paso Picao” deals with horses of pace and in particular creole horses specialized in the great excursion. Guide and accompanist organize for the confirmed riders of long adventurous raids in total self-sufficiency with bivouacs of full nature on the verge of wild waterfalls. More traditional excursions are also subjected to the initial riders. As for those which are not interested by horsemanship, sporting trekkings with the observation of fauna and the tropical flora are proposed to them neighborhood (Bird Watching). The others, dispose of a small family-country cottage, private and far away from intensive tourism, for a total relaxation.

The property called generally, “Estancia desconocida”, (unknown domain), is voluntarily rather badly signposted and not very easy of access in order to preserve calm, rest and tranquillity with all its occupants. One indeed must, to ford a river sometimes unforeseeable and tumultuous, to access the property on about ten hectares from the buttresses of the east cordillera. In rain season, only the vehicles high on wheels and cross-country (4x4) can sometimes cross it or, to choose to circulate on a rather difficult lateritic track which curves through surrounding fields and foothills. Thus, practically lasting two months, the horses and the pack-mule of the ranch, become then, excellent completely ecological means of transport.

Much more than one ranch and a simple small hotel of charm (eco-lodge), this place in the tropical open country, far from intensive tourism and its agitation, is resolutely dedicated to serenity, peace, discretion and anonymity. It is a unwonted place where lodging privileges sober comfort, the simple decoration and the discrete country luxury. The team very sympathetic nerve and dynamics of “Rancho Paso Picao knew to insufflate with this curious space, a spellbinding magic with the perfume nostalgic and adventurous of discovered and great equestrian epopees lived at the time of the famous time of large the conquistadores, approximately five centuries ago.

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Elevage de chevaux d'allure et ranch-écolodge pour location de prestige à Saint Domingue. Safaris photos, raids insolites, bird watching. Equitation avec un symbole de l'élégance sud-américaine, le cheval "Paso Criollo" . Aventures insolites, découverte de la nature, de la biodiversité. Raids avec bivouacs. Trekking. Spa détente avec massages orientaux et cours de Yoga. "Dans ce lieu intemporel, proche du songe éphémère et de l'irréalité, le luxe authentique et le véritable raffinement, sont de toujours avoir la perception, qu'il vaut beaucoup mieux être " vrai voyageur " que " simple touriste...! "
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..................................................................... "Dans ces lieux hors du temps, non loin de la rêverie, le raffinement et le réel luxe est d'avoir conscience qu'il vaut beaucoup mieux être vrai voyageur que simple touriste"